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Boat maintenance, including knot work, boat repair, and boat operations including motor boat licence accrual.


Gain sailing level from certified Sail Canada Sail instructors


The development of essential skills needed to manage small and large groups of people in an effective way, and how to organize formal events. Also taught is instructional technique and classroom management.

Sports & Fitness

Integration of sports into everyday activities and emphasis on healthy, active lifestyle. At the CSTC, they are taught to run sports events safely.


Military band, including Pipe & Drums, or Marching Band (Reed). Instruments and instruction provided.

Drill & Ceremonial

Emphasis on ceremonial procedures and formal parades. Drill and self-discipline are the main focus.


A skill developed with a firearm using accuracy and precision in shooting at targets. Cadets compete locally and move on to provincial and national championships.


A sport that combines skate skiing and shooting at targets. Cadets compete in their area then move on to provincial then national championships.


A sport involving map and compass. Cadets compete locally and move on to regional then provincial championships

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