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Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTC)

Cadet applicants are selected to go to the following summer training centres. Location chosen is dependent on the type of training chosen as various centres specialize if different types of training. Cadets start by going for General Training for two weeks. Then three weeks for specialized training and in subsequent years 6-8 weeks. The costs of travel, accommodations, and training is all covered by the program. Cadets will also be supplemented with a $60 allowance for each week at camp. After becoming proficient in a particle skill or trade cadets can apply as staff cadets and be paid for their summer employment.
• HMCS Ontario
• HMCS Acadia
• Blackdown
• Connaught


Sea Cadets have the opportunity to participate in International Exchanges and Cultural Visits in the following countries:
• Australia
• Bermuda
• Japan
• South Korea
• Netherlands
• Sweden
• United Kingdom
• United States of America
• Interprovincial Cadet Exchange (ICE Program)

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